Crude Palm Oil

Crude Palm Oil (CPO) is a type of vegetable oil derived from the pulp of oil palm fruits. It is widely used in various industries including food, cosmetics, and biofuel production. Here are some specifications of CPO:

  1. Appearance: CPO has a distinct golden-orange color and a thick consistency.
  2. Free Fatty Acid (FFA) Content: It typically has a maximum FFA content of 5%, which indicates the level of acidity in the oil.
  3. Moisture and Impurities: The moisture and impurity content should be minimal, usually below 0.5%.
  4. Peroxide Value: CPO should have a low peroxide value, indicating its freshness and resistance to oxidation.
  5. Iodine Value: This value determines the degree of unsaturation in the oil, usually ranging from 45 to 55.
  6. Melting Point: CPO has a melting point of around 35-40°C, making it suitable for various applications.

Overall, CPO is a versatile and widely used vegetable oil with specific qualities that make it valuable in different industries.


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