Palm kernel cake

Palm kernel cake is a byproduct of palm oil extraction from palm kernels. It is a nutritious animal feed ingredient that offers several specifications. Here are its key specifications:


  1. Protein Content: Palm kernel cake contains a high protein content, typically ranging from 14% to 18%. This makes it an excellent source of protein for livestock and poultry.
  2. Energy Value: It provides a substantial amount of energy due to its high oil and fiber content, making it an efficient feed ingredient for animals.
  3. Fiber Content: Palm kernel cake is rich in dietary fiber, which aids in promoting healthy digestion and preventing digestive disorders in animals.
  4. Essential Minerals: It is a good source of essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, which are vital for animal growth, bone development, and overall health.
  5. Low Toxin Levels: Palm kernel cake has relatively low levels of anti-nutritional factors, making it safe for consumption by animals.


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